Contact Lens Exams in Shelton, CT

It may not be practical for some people to wear eyeglasses all the time. You may want to primarily wear contact lenses with a pair of eyeglasses as backup!

While contacts can be a good alternative for some people, finding the right pair for you can take time. Contacts come in several different brands and sizes, but our contact lens exams in Shelton can help you find contacts that not only meet your needs but also fit comfortably.


What to Expect at Our Contact Lens Exams

If you are interested in contacts or you may need a new prescription for your current contacts, contact our office to schedule a contact lens exam. While similar to a comprehensive eye exam, an eye exam for contact lenses is a separate part of your appointment that is tailored toward determining the right type, size, and shape of contact lenses for your needs.

During your appointment, our doctors will conduct several contact lens tests to examine your specific needs. Along with evaluating your vision to determine a good prescription, they will also measure your pupils and cornea. These tests can help our doctor determine the best modality and size lenses for your eyes. For those with specific needs, our doctors may also recommend special contact lenses depending on your needs. Along with assessing what contact lenses are the best option for you, a contact lens exam will also examine your overall eye health in case you have other eye care needs such as eye disease management.

After your contact lens tests are complete, the doctor may have you try several pairs of contacts to find a comfortable fit before writing your final prescription.


After Your Contact Lens Eye Exam

Everyone’s eye care needs are different and finding the right contact lenses for your needs may take a bit of time. What felt like a good fit at your initial contact exam may not feel comfortable in a few days. To ensure that your contacts both meet your needs and fit comfortably in your eyes, we often suggest that you return for another visit. During this follow-up contact lens exam, we can evaluate how your contacts are working and assist you in finding another pair if needed.

If you are interested in getting contact lenses or haven’t had your current contact lens prescription evaluated for some time, it is time to make an appointment. Our contact lens optometrists in Fairfield County are here to help you find the right type of contact lenses for you.

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