Scleral Contact Lenses
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Scleral lenses for dry eye relieve discomfort by keeping your eyes hydrated and protecting them from environmental irritants.

Scleral Contact Lenses for Dry Eye Treatment 

Dry eye can be difficult to live with, often causing discomfort, blurry vision, and a scratchy feeling in the eyes. At Vision Center LTD and Waterbury Eye Associates, we offer innovative treatment options to help you find long-lasting relief and improve your overall eye health. One of the treatment options we offer for dry eye is scleral contact lenses. If dry eye has made it difficult for you to wear contact lenses in the past, scleral lenses may be right for you. 


What are scleral contact lenses?   

Scleral lenses are larger than traditional contact lenses and are designed to rest on the “white” of the eye (the sclera) rather than the cornea. Scleral lenses help with dry eye in a few different ways. They can act as a shield between your eyelids and the surface of your eyes, preventing further irritation and damage. They also protect your eyes from environmental irritants like dust and wind, which can worsen your dry eye symptoms. Lastly, these lenses create a reservoir of fluid between your lens and the front surface of your eye. This keeps your eyes hydrated and reduces irritation, redness, burning, and other dry eye symptoms. 

Scleral lenses for dry eye disease  

The eye doctors at Vision Center LTD and Waterbury Eye Associates specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease and fitting patients in customized scleral lenses. Make an appointment today at our eye care center in Shelton or Waterbury and get the relief you deserve.  


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