Pediatric Eye Exams in Shelton, CT

While some eye problems may grow worse with age, children can also experience many eye health issues and vision problems.

To detect vision issues early and get your child help before problems progress, a children’s eye exam is essential. At our eye care center in Shelton, we offer children’s eye care services that will thoroughly examine, diagnose, and guide treatment for your child’s eye health needs.


Signs Your Child Should See a Children’s Optometrist

Children cannot always verbalize the vision issues they are experiencing and may also have eye health problems that are difficult to detect. These problems can be progressive with the potential to negatively impact your child’s life down the road. As such, it is important for your child to see a children’s eye doctor regularly for a pediatric eye exam, especially if you suspect your child may be struggling with vision issues.

Signs your child should see a kid’s optometrist: 

  • Frequent blinking or squinting
  • Irregular eye movements
  • Turning or tilting their head often
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Covering or closing one eye to see better
  • Frequently rubbing their eyes
  • Frequent headaches
  • Leaning in too close to see something or read

These behaviors could be a sign of a vision or eye health problem. To figure out what’s going on and how to treat it, take your child to a children’s eye doctor. Do not wait, as delaying care could result in permanent or more serious damage depending on the condition.

Pediatric Eye Exams In Shelton

Our children’s eye exams in Shelton, Connecticut detect eye defects, vision impairment, and your child’s risk for developing eye conditions later in life. When you come to our office with your child, one of our doctors will perform a pediatric eye exam to gather comprehensive information about your child’s eye health and diagnose any problems or abnormalities.

Our exams are far more in-depth than those offered at school or in a pediatrician’s office. Exams conducted by schools or pediatricians simply screen potential vision problems but cannot diagnose or treat them. They will likely direct you to a pediatric optometrist for an eye exam if an issue is suspected.

We encourage you to be proactive and get your child’s eyes checked regularly. Catching any issues early on could lower their chances of more serious issues later in life. Contact us today to schedule your child’s eye exam at our Shelton office.


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