TearCare® Dry Eye Treatment
in Shelton & Waterbury, CT

Experience long-lasting relief from dry eye symptoms with TearCare® dry eye treatment.

At Vision Center LTD and Waterbury Eye Associates, we provide our patients with the most advanced and effective treatments for dry eye. One of the cutting-edge solutions we offer is TearCare®, which is a 15-minute in-office procedure used to treat meibomian gland dysfunction, a leading cause of dry eye. 

What is TearCare® dry eye treatment?  

TearCare® is a safe, comfortable in-office treatment that uses gentle heat and massage to soften and clear blockages in the meibomian glands. These glands make an essential part of your tears, which keeps your eyes from drying out too quickly. When these glands get clogged or blocked, they can’t secrete the oils necessary for quality tears, resulting in dry, irritated eyes.  

How does TearCare® work?  

During treatment, our optometrist will place flexible, wearable devices called SmartLids™ on your upper and lower eyelids. These SmartLids™ will gently warm your meibomian glands to an exact temperature, softening and removing blockages in your glands. Our eye doctor will then use specialized instruments to manually express the glands, which helps restore normal gland function and relieves discomfort and dryness.  

TearCare® treatment is highly effective at clearing blockages and providing long-lasting relief from dry eye. If you’re experiencing dry eye symptoms, contact us today to schedule an appointment and ask our eye doctor about TearCare® treatment.  

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